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  1. White House insists Democrats to blame for family separations, even as some in GOP urge Trump to reverse course  Washington Post
  2. Fact Check: Trump's Tweet About Germany  New York Times
  3. Trump defends family separation policy: US 'will not be a migrant camp'  The Hill
  4. Trumpism's Tipping Point
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 17:24

  1. Trump orders creation of a standalone Space Force  Politico
  2. Trump Announces Plans for Pentagon to Create 'Space Force'  U.S. News & World Report
  3. President Trump Calls on Pentagon to Create New Military Branch: A 'Space Force'  TIME
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  1. Supreme Court Sidesteps Decision on Partisan Gerrymandering  New York Times
  2. Opinion analysis: Court stays out of merits on partisan gerrymandering, at least for now  SCOTUSblog (blog)
  3. Supreme Court sidesteps major rulings on electoral map manipulation  Reuters
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  1. 300000 coastal homes in US, worth $120 billion, at risk of chronic floods from rising seas  USA TODAY
  2. Over 300000 Coastal US Homes Could Flood Every Two Weeks Just 30 Years from Now, Report Says  The Weather Channel
  3. Florida has more to lose with sea rise than anywhere else in the US, new study says  Miami Herald
  4. 'Clear-sky' flooding worsens across US as sea levels rise, report says  USA TODAY
  5. US property crisis looms as sea level rises, experts warn
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 17:25

  1. McAllen, Texas, immigration processing center is largest in US
  2. Trump migrant separation policy: Children 'in cages' in Texas  BBC News
  3. 'Hopefully, they'll get you to her': Texas judge can't promise migrant families they'll be reunited  Politico
  4. What It's Like Inside a Border Patrol Facility Where Families Are Being Separated  The Nation.
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  1. Strong quake near Osaka, Japan, kills 4, knocks over walls  ABC News
  2. The Latest: Fourth death confirmed in Osaka-area earthquake  Miami Herald
  3. Japan team at World Cup troubled by earthquake, hotel alarm  Yahoo Sports
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  1. Deputy accused of sexually assaulting girl, 4, threatening to have mother deported if she spoke up  Washington Post
  2. A sheriff's deputy is accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old, then threatening her mom with deportation  CNN
  3. Texas cop 'abused migrant girl and threatened to deport mum'  BBC News
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  1. German Leaders Delay Migration Showdown, Seeking Solution in EU  New York Times
  2. Merkel's Government Avoids Collapse Over Migrant Battle, at Least for Now  Wall Street Journal
  3. Angela Merkel Is Fighting for Her Political Life. Here's What to Know  TIME
  4. Merkel bordering on debacle  The Australian
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 14:37

  1. SPLC Pays $3.3 Million Settlement to Counter-Extremism Group It Called 'Anti-Muslim'  Daily Beast
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center pays $3.3M to Quilliam, Nawaz for labeling them 'anti-Muslim extremists'  Washington Times
  3. SPLC Apologizes, Pays Settlement to Islamic Reformer It Wrongly Labeled 'Anti-Muslim Extremist'  National Review
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 16:21

  1. Drug-smuggling ex-Israeli minister charged with spying for Iran  CNN
  2. Israel charges ex-minister Gonen Segev with spying for Iran  BBC News
  3. Former Israeli Cabinet Minister Indicted After Allegedly Spying For Iran  HuffPost
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  1. Armed civilian kills gunman, stops shooting spree at Walmart in Washington state  Washington Post
  2. Carjacking suspect dead outside Walmart store after armed citizens take action, police say  Fox News
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 12:45

  1. Man jumps security barrier at the White House, leaves backpack on grounds  WTVD-TV
  2. Ellipse Closed After Man Climbs Over White House Security Barrier  NBC4 Washington
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 17:52

  1. Prince Harry could be in trouble over saying…  The Mercury News
  2. Meghan Markle's dad says Prince Harry asked him to give Trump 'a chance,' calls paparazzi pics a 'mistake'  Fox News
  3. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Got to Be Wedding Guests This Weekend  TIME
  4. What Thomas Markle said on Good Morning Britain about domestic violence was downright bizarre  The Independent
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 16:41

  1. Do Beyoncé Fans Have to Forgive Jay-Z?  The Atlantic
  2. A Rundown of All the Friends JAY-Z Shouts Out on "Friends"  Complex
  3. Beyonce & JAY-Z Trying For Another Baby? Why She Thinks 'Just One More' Would Be Perfect  Hollywood Life
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 16:26

  1. Suicide Threats, Arrests and Rehab: Inside Heather Locklear's Darkest Days
  2. Heather Locklear hospitalized after threatening to kill herself: report  Fox News
  3. Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Psych Evaluation  Entertainment Tonight
  4. What the hell happened to Heather Locklear?  Page Six
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 17:20

  1. Jeff Sessions defended family separation with the Bible. John Oliver countered with Dr. Seuss.  Washington Post
  2. Romans 13 and the Thorny Moral Questions Posed by Illegal Immigration  National Review
  3. John Oliver blasts Trump for claiming his border separation policy is a law  The Hill
  4. Romans 13 NIV - Submission to Governing Authorities - Bible Gateway  Bible Gateway
  5. The Fight to Define Romans 13  The Atlantic
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 14:57

  1. England vs. Tunisia: World Cup 2018 Live  New York Times
  2. England opt for attack-focused midfield against Tunisia  Reuters
  3. World Cup 2018: Tunisia v England – live!  The Guardian
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 18:37

  1. WHO classifies 'gaming disorder' as mental health condition  CNN
  2. Global group classifies problem as a unique health condition  The Mercury News
  3. Compulsive video-game playing could be mental health problem  Los Angeles Times
  4. World Health Organization adds gaming disorder to disease classifications
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 13:19

  1. They're calling it the Kite War. How a simple plaything became a potent weapon in the Gaza Strip  Los Angeles Times
  2. Palestinian killed in Gaza border fence blast - Israeli army  Reuters
  3. Amid Smoldering E-Waste in the West Bank, Activists Fight for Reform  Undark Magazine
  4. The fallacy of Israel's human shields claims in Gaza
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Publié le 18/06/2018 à 16:09

  1. California Today: The LA Times's New Owner Takes the Helm  New York Times
  2. New 'LA Times' Owner Wants To Compete With 'New York Times' And 'Washington Post'  KPBS
  3. New LA Times Owner Tells Readers: 'Fake News Is the Cancer of Our Times'  Fortune
  4. New San Diego Union-Tribune owner, same principles  The San Diego Union-Tribune
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