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  1. Daily aspirin no longer recommended to prevent heart attacks for healthy, older adults
  2. Don't take an aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks and strokes: Doctors reverse recommendation  USA TODAY
  3. Daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks no longer recommended for older adults  East Idaho News
  4. New Primary Prevention Guidelines Axe Aspirin, Pushing Routine Check-ins, Social Clues Instead  TCTMD
  5. Know Diabetes by Heart™ Expands to Include Quality Improvement Programs to Address Gaps in Type 2 Diabetes Care  PRNewswire
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 22:49

  1. Unvaccinated Student in Kentucky Sues After Being Barred From Playing Basketball  The New York Times
  2. Student who refused chickenpox vaccine sues Kentucky health department for banning him from school  NBC News
  3. Unvaccinated student sues Kentucky health department for banning him from school  Yahoo Lifestyle
  4. Unvaccinated high school student is suing the health department for banning him from school during a chicken pox outbreak  Boing Boing
  5. Unvaccinated student in Kentucky sues over being benched during chickenpox outbreak  WLWT Cincinnati
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 23:22

  1. Harvard study: Sugary drinks associated with greater risk of premature death  The Boston Globe
  2. Drinking two or more sugary sodas or sports drinks a day linked with early death — especially in women  MarketWatch
  3. Sugary drinks linked to higher risk of premature death, especially for women, study says  CNN
  4. Drinking Sugary Beverages Linked with Early Death  Live Science
  5. Harvard researchers say soda and sports drinks increase risk of dying from heart disease and breast and colon cancers  CNBC
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:57

NASA astronauts are under attack in space — by herpes  New York Post

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station and other missions have been plagued by a resurgence in the often-dormant virus because of the stress of ...

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  1. Measles Infected Person Shopped At North Texas Kroger While Contagious  CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
  2. Health officials confirm 73rd measles case in Clark County; two others suspected  KATU
  3. Multiple Confirmed Cases of Measles Found in Another Local County  Hudson Valley Post
  4. Clark County measles cases rise to 73 confirmed; two more suspected  The Columbian
  5. Second measles case confirmed in Collin County after the contagious person visited Kroger in Prosper  Dallas News
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 22:03

  1. Are eggs good or bad? New study links eggs to heart disease  Medibulletin
  2. Eating eggs daily increases risk of heart disease, early death: study
  3. Cholesterol Redux: As Eggs Make A Comeback, New Questions About Health Risks  NPR
  4. Study finds three or more eggs a week increases health risk  KOAA 5
  5. Study: eggs raise risk of heart disease, early death  WSAZ-TV
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 05:48

Diagnosis Of Dementias Other Than Alzheimer's Can Affect Care : Shots - Health News  NPR

Many older people diagnosed with Alzheimer's actually have dementia caused by something else. Without the right diagnosis, these people are less likely to get ...

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  1. Girls With Twin Brothers Pay A Price For Sharing A Womb  IFLScience
  2. Prenatal testosterone linked to long-term effects in females who share womb with male twin
  3. Sharing the Womb with A Male Twin Might Change the Trajectory of a Woman's Life  NOVA Next
  4. Testosterone from a brother in the womb can make female twins less successful, study suggests  The Independent
  5. Women with a twin brother are more likely to drop out of school  New Scientist News
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:00

  1. Stanford Medicine Presents Results of the Apple Heart Study  MacStories
  2. Apple Watch detects irregular heart beat in large U.S. study  Hindustan Times
  3. Apple Watches are surprisingly good at detecting heart conditions says recent Stanford study  TechSpot
  4. Apple Watch may spot heart problem  WPVI-TV
  5. Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeat, study finds  The Telegraph
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 14:24

  1. New study suggests fish oil derivative may benefit heart health  CNN
  2. Amarin's Vascepa prevents second and third heart attacks in analysis  STAT
  3. Vascepa® (icosapent ethyl) Showed 30% Reduction in Total Cardiovascular Events Including Recurrent Events in REDUCE-IT™  PRNewswire
  4. ACC: Amarin rolls out more Vascepa heart benefits data to back label expansion  FiercePharma
  5. Amarin posts another round of promising cardio outcomes data for Vascepa. Cue more M&A chatter and argument  Endpoints News
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:46

  1. There's new advice to prevent food allergies in children  CNN
  2. Child doctors have new advice on preventing dangerous peanut and food allergies  USA TODAY
  3. Giving Your Baby Peanuts Early On May Help Prevent Allergies, New Guidelines Say  TIME
  4. There’s new advice to prevent food allergies in children  WTOP
  5. Peanut products should be given to babies as early as 4 months to prevent allergies, report says  Chicago Tribune
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 09:16

  1. CDC: Most new HIV infections come from those not receiving treatment | TheHill  The Hill
  2. 40% of people with HIV transmit most new infections in the US, a new analysis says. Here's the plan to stop the spread  CNN
  3. 80% of HIV transmissions come from people who have not been diagnosed, CDC report shows  Daily Mail
  4. People with untreated HIV transmitted 80% of new infections  Axios
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 20:06

This lighter helps smokers kick the habit  CNN

Barcelona (CNN Business) The goal of Lebanese startup Slighter is to eventually go out of business, but it hopes to help millions of smokers kick their habit ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:35

  1. 'Clusters of death' rising in Minnesota  Duluth News Tribune
  2. MDH: Deaths From Opioids, Suicide & Alcohol Continue To Rise Or Remain High  WCCO | CBS Minnesota
  3. Deaths from opioids and suicides continue to rise in Minnesota  St. Paul Pioneer Press
  4. Suicide and fatal opioid overdoses continue to rise in Minnesota  Bring Me The News
  5. Minnesota suicides and other 'preventable deaths' reached record levels in 2017  Star Tribune
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Publié le 19/03/2019 à 02:24

Higher cholesterol, egg consumption linked to heart disease  Medical News Today

Pooled data on 29615 people spanning up to 31 years ties higher egg or cholesterol consumption to raised risk of cardiovascular disease and early death.

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This cancer is on the rise in young adults — and doctors don't know why  AOL

If you were born in 1990, you have twice the risk of colon cancer and four times the risk of rectal cancer, according to a study.

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  1. New Study Finds Coffee May Inhibit Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer  Interesting Engineering
  2. Scientists identify compounds in coffee which may inhibit prostate cancer  EurekAlert
  3. Coffee chemicals could curb prostate cancer  Medical News Today
  4. Promising new insight into how coffee compounds can inhibit prostate cancer  New Atlas
  5. Coffee slows and even stops growth of prostate cancer, experts discover  The Sun
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 10:36

Rate of dementia deaths in US has more than doubled, CDC says  WSB Radio

A new report from the National Center for Health Statistics has found the rate of deaths linked to dementia has more than doubled over the past two decades.

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Misophonia: When life's noises drive you mad  Minnesota Public Radio News

Some people experience intense rage or fear when they hear the sound of people chewing, spitting, or throat-clearing. Turns out they may have a rare condition ...

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Experimental blood test accurately spots fibromyalgia  Medical Xpress

For the first time, researchers have evidence that fibromyalgia can be reliably detected in blood samples—work they hope will pave the way for a simple, fast ...

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Figuring out how an odd, gutless worm regrows its head (or tail)  Ars Technica

We've got the genome of the closest living relative to bilaterians.

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 21:25

  1. Mumps Outbreak: 54 Reported Cases at Temple University  The Daily Beast
  2. Officials: 54 diagnosed with mumps at Temple University  FOX 29 News Philadelphia
  3. 54 Mumps Cases Tied to Temple University  NBC 10 Philadelphia
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Publié le 19/03/2019 à 02:07

Scientists may have found a way to tell if breast cancer will return  WSB Radio

The genetic and molecular makeup of breast tumors holds clues to how a woman's disease could progress, including the likelihood of it coming back after ...

Publié le 17/03/2019 à 23:45

Alex Trebek calls himself "a lucky guy" in health update video  Salon

After being inundated with well-wishers since revealing his cancer diagnosis earlier this week, Alex Trebek has recorded a new video thanking fans for their ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:08

When the Benefits of Statins Outweigh the Risks  The New York Times

Knowing the odds of side effects and making sure to get periodic checkups that would pick up an adverse reaction, I chose to focus on the drugs' potential ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 09:00

  1. Pacemaker envelope cuts post-surgery infection by 40 percent: Cleveland Clinic study
  2. WRAP IT: Novel Antibacterial 'Envelope' Reduces Rate of Infections From Implanted Cardiac Devices  TCTMD
  3. Quick Thoughts on the Wrap-IT Trial  Medscape
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 17:33

  1. Measles patient may have infected others at Newark airport  New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio
  2. Traveler with measles may have infected others at Newark Airport this month
  3. Newark Airport travelers may have been exposed to measles, passenger diagnosis shows
  4. Officials warn of measles exposure at Newark Liberty Int'l Airport  News 12 New Jersey
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 21:41

Should legal marijuana be sold in Monroe County? It could be up to Rochester and your town  WHEC

News10NBC wanted to know where the Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo stands on allowing the sale of legal marijuana in Monroe County...

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  1. Common blood pressure drug may increase cardiac arrest risk  Medical News Today
  2. Common BP drug linked to increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest  Medibulletin
  3. Common heart drug may up sudden cardiac arrest risk: Here’s all you need to know  Times Now
  4. Common heart drug may up sudden cardiac arrest risk  The Siasat Daily
  5. Taking This Drug For High Blood Pressure Can Increase Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Study  NDTV News
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 10:00

  1. The FDA's top leader says anti-vaxxers could bring about a national health crisis  Business Insider
  2. FDA's terrible war on vaping may continue even after Scott Gottlieb is long gone  Washington Examiner
  3. FDA Head: Anti-Vaxxers Could Soon Cause an Epidemic  Futurism
  4. Scott Gottlieb's policy initiatives will remain after he leave the FDA  STAT
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 18:02

New report identifies Pima County's 3 most urgent health needs  KGUN

TUCSON, Ariz. — A new report has identified the top health needs for Pima County, and could shape the near future for hospitals and public services in southern ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:58

  1. Unlocking a secret of the anti-cancer gene p53  FierceBiotech
  2. UW-Madison scientists make key discovery on protein that's a major focus of cancer research  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  3. Team finds key to common cancer pathway  Medical Xpress
  4. UW scientists discover pathway behind common cancer gene
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:34

  1. Social Security disability benefits: Your Facebook, Instagram posts could affect your Social Security disability claim  CBS News
  2. The Government Could Soon Reject Your Disability Claim, Based On Your Social Media KWTV
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 20:04

Trump Plans to End the AIDS Epidemic. In Places Like Mississippi, Obstacles Are Everywhere.  The New York Times

The administration will focus on more than 50 “hot spots” in the U.S. that annually account for half of new H.I.V. infections. A clinic in the Deep South sees the ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:33

Ukraine measles outbreak kills 11, infects 30,000  FRANCE 24

Kiev (AFP). Eleven people have died and more than 30,000 have been infected this year in a major measles outbreak in Ukraine, the European country worst hit ...

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Meningitis changes immune cell makeup in the mouse brain lining  National Institutes of Health

Meningitis, a group of serious diseases which infect the brain's lining, leaves its mark and can affect the body's ability to fight such infections in the future.

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 15:20

Health experts urge people to get flu vaccine after recent uptick in cases  WANE

It is not too late to get a flu shot. That is the message from health experts after a recent uptick in flu cases. And they say the strain of the virus going around this ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 22:15

Officials push flu shots as strain changes  WANE

There has been a shift in the strain of flu from H1N1 to H3N2. If you've already had one strain of the virus, you still could catch a different strain.

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 15:57

  1. Irregular bedtimes have a huge impact on kid's behavior + development, says study ​  Motherly Inc.
  2. Every Parent Needs to Read the AAP’s New Drowning Prevention Recommendations  Fatherly
  3. What is the right age to start swimming lessons? At a year old, say pediatricians  Motherly Inc.
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 15:02

Teen suicides are on the rise. Here’s what parents can do to slow the trend.  The Washington Post

As depression and anxiety skyrocket, communities are scrambling to meet kids' needs with limited resources. Here are six ways parents and schools can ...

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New proof that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease  Medical Xpress

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered autoreactive cells in persons suffering from narcolepsy. This is a new, important proof that the ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 13:33

Why you shouldn’t bury your pet in the backyard  The Conversation AU

Companion animals are part of our families, but inevitably the time comes for us to say goodbye to them due to old age or disease. Many pet lovers opt to bury ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 05:52

Clearing the air about e-cigarettes, vaping, nicotine and health  Washington Post

Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with any advertisers on this site. The promise of electronic cigarettes is straightforward: Lifelong smokers can ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 18:00

The British Medical Journal will no longer advertise baby formula  Quartz

On Monday (March 18), the British Medical Journal (BMJ) announced it would no longer publish advertisements from baby formula companies. The decision ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:21

C-Section Death Rate Up To 50 Times Higher In African Countries Than In Wealthy Countries : Goats and Soda  NPR

A new study on maternal mortality finds that the death rate is up to 50 times higher in many African countries than in high-income countries.

Publié le 17/03/2019 à 11:00

Scientists grow 'mini-brain on the move' that can contract muscle  The Guardian

Scientists have grown a miniature brain in a dish with a spinal cord and muscles attached, an advance that promises to accelerate the study of conditions such ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:00

  1. CBD: Rising Star or Popular Fad?  WCAI
  2. Indianapolis CBD expo puts variety of CBD infused goods on display  FOX 59 Indianapolis
  3. CBD oil products promise miracle cures. But does science support the hype?  NBC News
  4. Science Says You Probably Aren't Storing Your Weed the Right Way  Civilized
  5. Edmonton retailers hazy on rules around selling illegal CBD even after five-month grace period  Toronto Star
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 16:36

New cardiac pump clinically superior, safer for patients  Medical Xpress

The final results are in for MOMENTUM 3, the largest left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) trial ever conducted. The study of more than 1000 patients with severe ...

Publié le 17/03/2019 à 17:37

New study confirms this tea can cut obesity and reduce inflammation  Ladders

Gut bacteria enhances our ability to communicate with our immune system in addition to helping us produce several important vitamins. A new study conducted ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:08

Anti-Vaxxers Overestimate the Power of Our Immune Systems  The Daily Beast

Your immune system's remarkable capacity to learn works with vaccines to fend off deadly diseases.

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 08:45

  1. Even drinking Diet Coke everyday ‘increases your risk of dying young from heart disease and cancer’  The Sun
  2. Drinking Coke or Diet Coke everyday 'increases your risk of dying young'  Mirror Online
  3. Drinking Coca-Cola and Diet Coke daily 'increases your risk of dying young'  Birmingham Live
  4. Heart disease: Drinking Diet Coke increases risk of cancer, dying young
  5. Drinking soda everyday increases your risk of dying young- Research - Entertainment News  SDE Entertainment News
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 09:02

  1. Deadly flu outbreak rages on: Symptoms and how to protect yourself
  2. Flu Season Is Still Going, A New More Severe Strain Now Circulating  Forbes
  3. Baystate Health lifts flu-related visitor restrictions
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Publié le 16/03/2019 à 17:24

Popular high blood pressure drug linked to sudden cardiac arrest risk  SlashGear

A common calcium-channel blocking heart medication has been tentatively linked to increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. The research comes from the ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 20:29

Ears can be used for ECG to predict heart rhythm  Business Standard

Researchers have developed a novel electrocardiogram (ECG) method that uses signals from the ear to check heart rhythm, making it easy for drivers, athletes ...

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  1. Springfield ranks 5th on list of worst U.S. cities for spring allergies
  2. Louisville ranks 6th nationwide for worst place to live among allergy sufferers  WAVE 3
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 14:59

Weed Ed | Cannabis and ADHD | News  Jamaica Gleaner

Approximately nine per cent of children and teens and five per cent of adults globally suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 05:13

  1. Vitamin deficiency symptoms: Three common signs you lack vitamins including B12 and D  Express
  2. How Nutrition Should Change After 50 - Diet for Older Adults
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 09:24

How professionals with ADHD make their jobs (and life) work for them  MarketWatch

'I feel like I can make connections in my mind a lot faster and more creatively than maybe people who don't have ADHD.'

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 17:27

Boy, 6, has best friend battling cancer shave his head in show of support  Fox News

A 6-year-old girl facing cancer has the steadfast support of her grade school best friend, who let her shave his head so that they could sport matching looks as ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 13:38

Adulthood begins at 30: Scientists say that our brains are not fully grown-up in our twenties  Daily Mail

The brain does not reach its full maturity until the age of 30 according to neuroscientists. Professor Peter Jones from Cambridge University says there is no strict ...

Publié le 19/03/2019 à 01:01

Exercise physiologist slams Keto diet and says he was lean on the outside but obese on inside  Daily Mail

It's the diet of the moment, but one Australian exercise physiologist has slammed the popular Keto diet, saying it made him 'look lean on the outside but obese ...

Publié le 17/03/2019 à 23:03

  1. Exercise seems to help alleviate depression, but not for everybody  The Washington Post
  2. Can exercise ease depression? |
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 14:00

  1. UK breast cancer death rates falling fastest in 'big six' of Europe  The Guardian
  2. Pancreatic cancer is the only form where death rates are rising  The Times
  3. Cancer deaths falling for half decade in EU: Study  Channel NewsAsia
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Publié le 19/03/2019 à 00:05

Woman's bizarre blood-filled lump growing out of her belly button was cancer  Daily Mail

The woman - who has not been named - went to the Hospital Universitario Fundacion Jimenez Diaz in Madrid when the 'umbilical nodule' became painful and ...

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Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms: The one sign in your eyes that could signal the condition  Express

VITAMIN B12 deficiency symptoms can often be mistaken for less serious health conditions, but if the condition is left untreated, serious health complications can ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 16:22

  1. Scientists Warn 'Inactive' Ingredients in Drugs Are Not as Harmless as You'd Think  ScienceAlert
  2. Is your medication making you sick?  WHEC
  3. ‘Inactive’ ingredients in most pills may cause allergic reactions: Study  The Indian Express
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 05:28

  1. Sugar filled coffee, soda could be linked to early death  Business Insider
  2. There's even more evidence that drinking lots of soda and sugar-filled coffee could lead to an early death  SF Gate
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Publié le 18/03/2019 à 09:01

  1. Kentucky Teenager Jerome Kunkel Sues for His Right to Duck Chickenpox Vaccine and Still Attend Amid School Outbreak  Newser
  2. Teen Unvaccinated For Chickenpox Sues Kentucky Health Department After Being Banned From School Extracurriculars  Newsweek
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Publié le 17/03/2019 à 19:40

Routine Eye Test Can Detect Earliest Stages of Alzheimer's in Seconds, According to New Research  Good News Network

This quick eye test could offer early diagnosis and lead to treatments that are far more effective than current therapy methods.

Publié le 17/03/2019 à 15:44

Sugar Is More Likely To Cause Weight Gain Than High-Fat Foods, New Reports Claim

Have researchers found the ultimate culprit for weight gain? A number of recent studies have placed the blame on sugar, not fat. Evidence that makes sense ...

Publié le 18/03/2019 à 19:49

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