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Google's World Domination Has Just Begun  Forbes

I see Google hitting $2000 in the next couple of years.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 11:31

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter likely facing review from Justice Department  USA TODAY

The Justice Department said Tuesday it would begin an antitrust review of online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Amazon .

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 22:06

Never-Googlers: Web users take the ultimate step to guard their data  The Washington Post

To take back control of their online data, a hearty few are trying to eliminate all things Google. It's no easy task — Google has the most popular search engine, ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 13:31

Google’s bigger smart display arrives this fall  TechCrunch

Google is just a couple of months away from releasing its first smart home device with an onboard camera. The company quietly updated one of its support ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 22:48

Google updates its speech tech for contact centers  TechCrunch

Last July, Google announced its Contact Center AI product for helping businesses get more value out of their contact centers. Contact Center AI uses a mix of ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 15:00

Google Continues Investments in Military and Police AI Technology  The Intercept

Google promises interested firms access to its own AI training data and sometimes places Google engineers within the companies as a resource.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 20:09

Google wants to give you a $5 gift card for your face data  Fox News

Google is experimenting with a new way of collecting face data involving public places and gift cards.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 13:48

Google Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit, Highlighting The Proliferation Of Ageism In Hiring  Forbes

It's incontrovertible that ageism is a prevalent issue in corporate America. It was reported Monday that Google settled an age discrimination lawsuit concerning ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 14:38

Google Restricted Access to a Video on the Ten Commandments (And That's Not All)  The National Interest Online

Last week, at the invitation of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, I spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Google's having placed more than 60 Prager University ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 19:54

Bracing for a New Normal at Google  The Wall Street Journal

Google has seen slowdowns before, but Wall Street is afraid that this one might actually stick, with shares of parent company Alphabet down 12% since its last ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 11:00

Google Makes YouTube Masthead Ads Available to All Advertisers  Search Engine Journal

Google is now letting all advertisers buy YouTube masthead ads, following a successful beta test in select markets. Ads will be available to buy on a CPM basis.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 21:20

Google’s Nest adds to its partnerships focused on the power grid with new Leap agreement  TechCrunch

Google's smart home device business, Nest, is increasing its ties to the utility industry by adding another partner to bring its smart thermostats into homes to ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 21:10

Google Avoids Billions in Fines Over Alleged Wiretapping  The Daily Beast

The company allegedly mined personal information from tens of millions of unencrypted home WiFi networks as it compiled data for Google Maps.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 07:43

Why Google’s YouTube TV Might Be Your Next Cable Provider  Barron's

Earnings season is upon us once again, and you know what that means for the pay TV industry, right? Yep, it's time to count the cord-cutters—and to ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 14:14

Google Ups the Ante for Ad Targeting  Market Realist

This sponsored *content* is produced by Market Realist in partnership with Apomaya, Inc. Under the guise of rising demand for user privacy protection, Google ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 23:13

Google's New Shopping Platform Is Now Live  Forbes

Google's new "Shopping" page is now live for users in the United States. First announced in May, Google's new offering is personalized for users based on their ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 01:36

Google Agrees to Pay $13 Million Settlement in Street View Privacy Case  KTLA Los Angeles

Google has agreed to pay a $13 million settlement that could resolve a class-action lawsuit over the company's collection of people's private information through ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 22:53

The Google Maverick Update Slowing Down  Search Engine Roundtable

What a wild several days with Google updates - we had fluctuations on July 11, 12 and 16th and then some massive chatter and Google search result ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 12:21

Google Parent Alphabet's Earnings: What to Watch on Thursday  Motley Fool

Will the tech giant's advertising sales growth continue to decelerate when it reports Q2 results?

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 12:17

Google Maps App Updated With Ability to Edit Business Information  Search Engine Journal

Google has updated the Maps app on iOS, allowing business owners to edit their listing information without leaving the app.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 22:32

Google Will Pay You Up To $150K If You Can Break It  Forbes

Google has an offer you might find hard to refuse, assuming you like to break things. It has announced it will pay up to $150000 (£120000) to those who can find ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 13:05

Google Expands Support for Veterans Looking to Compete in Fast-Paced Startups

Google has expanded its support for transitioning *service* members, veterans and military spouses looking to make their mark in the fast-paced and demanding ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 12:00

As Baltimore struggled to recover from ransomware attack, Google saw an opportunity, documents reveals  Baltimore Sun

As Baltimore struggled to recover from a ransomware attack that brought its computer systems to a halt in May, a Google salesman and a lobbyist for the ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 09:02

This is what Google's new phones will probably look like  CNBC

New leaked renderings of what the Google Pixel 4 probably looks like are published.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 12:34

Google Cloud makes it easier to set up continuous delivery with Spinnaker  TechCrunch

Google Cloud today announced Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform, a new solution that makes it easier to install and run the Spinnaker continuous delivery ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 17:58

Google Cloud under Thomas Kurian is attracting more enterprises  Business Insider

Google's Cloud seems to be making progress under its relatively new leader Thomas Kurian in convincing big enterprise companies to give a try.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 16:03

Tinder tries to break up with the Google Play Store with new payment process  Digital Trends

Tinder launched a new payment process that allows the dating app to bypass the fees collected by the Google Play Store. Unlike other apps and services that ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 03:09

Google's watching you watching porn  Boing Boing

Friends, you're going to wish you were still making the scene with a magazine after reading this sentence: Google's web trackers are all up in your fap time and ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 16:00

How low can it go? The Google Home Hub is now just $59  CNET

The nifty smart-screen, now known as the Nest Hub, continues its slow and steady march toward the dollar store.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 12:19

Facebook tops Amazon and Google in second-quarter lobbying spending  MarketWatch

Facebook spent $4.1 million on lobbying Washington in the second quarter, topping the outlays by other so-called FAANG companies and keeping the tech ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 19:03

Google considering big data center project in KC with initial $600 million investment  Kansas City Star

Google is said to be considering a major data center project in Kansas City, North. The initial investment would be $600 million and generate 30 jobs. The Port ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 21:22

How YouTube Paved the Way for Google's Stadia Cloud Gaming Service  IEEE Spectrum

Google's vision is that any device that can play YouTube videos will also have access to cloud gaming through Stadia.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 17:20

What Facebook and Google taught this couple about building a Chinese app that reaches 25 million users  CNBC

When Cathy Hsu and Tony Hsieh wanted to build an English language app for Chinese children, they decided to follow Facebook and Google's lead.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 01:48

Google Found That Its Best Managers Share Authority. Now It Teaches Them to Delegate Using this 7-Step Process  Inc.

Delegating is hard and takes a lot of time. But it's a critical investment in your employees.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 16:30

Google Confirms Cause of Missing GMB Reviews – Will They Ever Come Back?  Search Engine Journal

Google confirmed the cause of missing Google My Business reviews, as issue that may not be resolved any time soon.

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 23:35

Google takes users inside its never-ending quest to map everything in the world  BGR

If you're a Google Maps user, you've no doubt noticed how feature-rich the *service* has grown in recent months, with Google over the last few days alone adding ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 01:37

Google Privacy Lawsuit Ends Not With A Bang But A Whimper  Forbes

Google has settled a privacy lawsuit that was originally expected to cost the company billions - and has got away with paying just $13 million.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 10:36

How to enable RCS Chat features in Google Messages  Android Central

RCS Chat features are steadily rolling out to Android phones. If your device is supported, here's how to get them enabled!

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 02:39

Google’s big plans for downtown San Jose — answers for all your questions  The Mercury News

In the coming decade, Google is set to build in San Jose, Diridon Station will be redesigned and BART will run through downtown.

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 13:00

America, Google, and Me: My Senate Speech  National Review

Last week, at the invitation of Senator Ted Cruz, I spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Google's having placed more than 60 Prager University videos ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 10:30

Merkle: Google ad growth slowed, Microsoft gained with Yahoo in Q2  Search Engine Land

Ad spend growth on Google search ads slowed while desktop spend on Microsoft Advertising had its strongest quarter in more than three years in the second ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 21:24

Trade Desk Clashes With Google Over Transparency Initiative  AdExchanger

The Trade Desk and Google are locking horns on pending industry specifications designed to bring transparency to programmatic buying. Why? The Trade ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 09:00

Google bought my friend's face for $5  ZDNet

As Google works on a version of Face ID for its next Pixel phone, its employees are stopping people in public places and enticing them with a $5 gift card.

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 12:00

7 things you didn't know Google search could do until now  Fox News

Google is way more powerful than most people realize. Regular searches are helpful, but they don't even scratch the surface of Google's abilities.

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 10:01

Deja Vu: Google Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit For $11 Million  Forbes

Almost a decade ago, courts sounded a clear warning bell that Google's culture was tainted by illegal and pervasive age discrimination. Inexplicably, Google ...

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 03:25

Leap and Google Nest Launch Smart-Thermostat-to-Energy-Market Offering  Greentech Media News

Leap, the San Francisco-based startup with software that's dispatching big building HVAC systems, EV charging fleets, and other distributed energy resources to ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 14:11

‘Like Xbox Live Gold,’ Google Stadia Sounds Worse And Worse Every Day  Forbes

Google Stadia continues to be one of the great mysteries in gaming, and even if the tech giant is throwing its full weight behind it, it's not clear if it's going to be ...

Publié le 20/07/2019 à 12:24

Why TripAdvisor Is Wisely Jumping On Google's 'Near Me' Bandwagon  Forbes

Looking for a good restaurant near where you are right now? Both TripAdvisor and Google Maps want to tell you where to go. TripAdvisor just introduced a new ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 15:41

Google Maps partners with Divvy to show stations, available bikes  Curbed Chicago

Chicagoans using the city's Divvy bikeshare system can now turn to the convenience of Google Maps to track down their next ride. The popular navigation app ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 19:45

Google Maps Has Fixed Q&A Bug & Is Investigating Reviews Bug  Search Engine Roundtable

Google seems to have fixed one of the many Google Maps bugs and has acknowledge they are working on a fix for the other. The Google Maps Q&A feature ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 11:34

Hello, neighbor! How Google Cloud is making its presence known in Amazon’s backyard  GeekWire

Google is planting its flag in Amazon territory. Google signage has been installed across the multiple buildings going up in Seattle's South Lake Union ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 18:55

Google’s SMILY is reverse image search for cancer diagnosis  TechCrunch

Spotting and diagnosing cancer is a complex and difficult process even for the dedicated medical professionals who do it for a living. A new tool from Google ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 18:55

How to back up your photos with Google Photos on iOS, Android, or the desktop  Digital Trends

Google Photos offers free, unlimited photo storage in the cloud, making your photos instantly accessible and shareable. Google uses artificial intelligence image ...

Publié le 21/07/2019 à 12:30

Google has been accused of working with China. Here's what they've been doing there  CNBC

Google's services have been blocked in China for several years, but the company still has businesses there, as the tech giant seeks to sell products to Chinese ...

Publié le 17/07/2019 à 08:57

Google reportedly fined over children's privacy on YouTube  CNET

The FTC settlement is expected to cost Google millions, a report says.

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 23:05

Google to launch digital reboot of Vindicator in Youngstown  CNBC

Google has pledged to create a new digital news outlet in Youngstown, Ohio, as part of a multi-million dollar project with McClatchy to fill some of the void left by ...

Publié le 18/07/2019 à 16:34

Google pays $11m to end job applicants’ age discrimination lawsuit  The Irish Times

Google also pays out over data breaches in harvesting data for Street View project.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 15:49

Google expected to achieve quantum supremacy in 2019: Here’s what that means  The Next Web

Google's reportedly on the verge of demonstrating a quantum computer capable of feats no ordinary classical computer could perform. The term for this is ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 19:57

Google Says Keep The Same URLs For The Long Run  Search Engine Roundtable

If you ask any SEO, changing URLs is a scary thing. If you can avoid it, most SEOs say try to avoid it. John Mueller of Google said on Twitter the other day.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 11:54

Google is making a 'mistake' with its AI choices, former US officials say  FedScoop

Two former high-ranking national security officials are criticizing Google for developing artificial intelligence in China while backing out of working with the ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 18:41

Google Publishes a New Guide to JavaScript SEO Basics  Search Engine Journal

Google has published a new developer document that goes over the basics of JavaScript SEO.

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 03:19

Google Home can whip you into shape physically and mentally  CNET

You don't need an expensive gym membership or fitness app.

Publié le 20/07/2019 à 12:30

Google Settles Job Seekers’ Age-Bias Claims for $11 Million  Bloomberg

Google agreed to pay $11 million to end a lawsuit accusing the internet giant of discriminating against older job applicants, a deal that amounts to an average ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 23:48

Google will build 15,000 Silicon Valley homes as part of a $15 billion project  CNN

Google is teaming up with an Australian developer to build $15 billion worth of homes, retail and hospitality spaces in Silicon Valley.

Publié le 18/07/2019 à 10:53

Google's built a new tool to help you ace your next developer interview  ZDNet

New tool covers Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, JavaScript (node.js), and Go.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 11:19

Android Pie for Nvidia Shield TV teased by Google Play Developer Console  9to5Google

Google's Android TV platform is often well behind the pack when it comes to software updates. Most of the ecosystem is still on Android Oreo, but its most ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 15:07

Google's housing promise: What we know and what we want to know  San José Spotlight

When Google last month unveiled its $1 billion commitment to build at least 20,000 new homes in the Bay Area, the news was paired with unanimous fanfare by ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 16:37

Google, Intel, Micron CEOs meet with Trump on Huawei and US economy  Fox Business

The world's biggest tech leaders had a "constructive discussion on a range of economic issues" according to the White House.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 16:17

Google and Facebook might be tracking your porn history, researchers warn  CNET

Google and Facebook might know a lot more about you than you'd like. NurPhoto/Getty Images. Being able to access porn on the internet might be convenient, ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 03:56

Google's Search Bias On Trial In Washington  NPR

A Senate panel is looking to see if the company is keeping conservative media and bloggers out of top search results. Google has previously denied political ...

Publié le 16/07/2019 à 20:00

Google Welcomes Android TV to Soundbars  Droid Life

After months and months and months of delays, the Android TV-powered JBL Link Bar finally went up for sale two weeks ago. Neither Google or Harman/JBL ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 17:57

Abode's DIY security system spruces up its Google Assistant controls  CNET

Google Assistant just got a lot better at controlling one of our favorite DIY security systems.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 13:00

Google has announced it's changing Chrome's 'Incognito' mode

Google has said it will plug a loophole in the Incognito mode of its Chrome web browser in a bid to better protect user privacy. Chrome's Incognito mode allows ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 07:07

Most of the Google Walkout Organizers Have Left the Company  WIRED

Four of the seven organizers of a 20000-person walkout at Google in November have quit. The latest to leave is Meredith Whittaker, a researcher on the ethics of ...

Publié le 16/07/2019 à 20:22

Google unveils stunning tribute for Apollo 11 engineer  CNN

50 years after her software put men on the moon, Margaret Hamilton was honored by Google with a portrait made of 107000 mirrors.

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 22:16

Google made 3,200 changes to search in the past year  Search Engine Land

Google made over 3,200 changes to its search system last year alone. That tidbit came out Monday in a Google blog post on keeping its search results relevant ...

Publié le 15/07/2019 à 23:17

Data Leak Warning Issued To Millions Of Google Chrome And Firefox Users  Forbes

Google Chrome and Firefox users are likely to use extensions such as ad blockers to help make their browsing more convenient and secure. But these aren't ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 11:19

Google’s Equiano Cable Will Extend to the Remote Island of Saint Helena, Flooding It With Data  IEEE Spectrum

The tiny island will need to turn itself into a data hub to make use of the expected bandwidth.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 18:01

Google bans another Chinese app developer for bad ad practices  The Verge

Google is banning a Chinese developer from the Play store for violating its advertising policies. CooTek, which is listed on the NYSE and is probably best known ...

Publié le 17/07/2019 à 01:53

YouTube Music or Play Music? Google's Music Services Explained  PCMag

Google has its own Spotify-like music-streaming *service*. Or, more accurately, Google has several music services, and after multiple rebrands and changes, ...

Publié le 20/07/2019 à 12:00

A Feisty Google Adversary Tests How Much People Care About Privacy  The New York Times

PAOLI, Pa. — Gabriel Weinberg is taking aim at Google from a small building 20 miles west of Philadelphia that looks like a fake castle. An optometrist has an ...

Publié le 15/07/2019 à 16:12

Google is adding Find My Device and battery features to Fast Pair headphones  TechCrunch

Introduced a few I/Os back, Fast Pair is Google's attempt to make its own mark on the post-AirPod headphone landscape. Many of the features are similar to ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 23:30

Google Pay shouldn't be so terrible in 2019  Android Central

In 2018, Google overhauled its digital wallet strategy with its big Google Pay rebrand. Over a year later, a lot is still left to the imagination.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 13:30

Google has “terminated” its project to build a search engine for China  MIT Technology Review

Dragonfly search engine project has been cancelled, Google executive Karan Bhatia says.

Publié le 18/07/2019 à 09:56

Dow Jones Futures: Facebook, Amazon, Google Fall On Big Tech Antitrust Probe; Chipotle, Snap, Texas Instruments Soar  Investor's Business Daily

Dow Jones futures fell slightly late Tuesday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, as the Justice Department finally confirmed it is probing Big Tech, ...

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 22:07

Google (and Apollo 11's Michael Collins) Celebrate Moon Landing's 50th with EPIC Google Doodle

Google is celebrating the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing with an epic doodle today (July 19), narrated by one of the astronauts who was ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 12:41

Google will now pay bigger rewards for discovering Chrome security bugs  TechCrunch

Bug hunting can be a lucrative gig. Depending on the company, a serious bug reported through the proper channels can earn whoever found it first tens of ...

Publié le 18/07/2019 à 16:08

Google Exec On The Future Of Nest: "No One Asked For The Smart Home"  Forbes

Google and Nest have become one and the guy who looks after the new combined brands had lots to say about the future of the smart home.

Publié le 20/07/2019 à 17:00

Israeli security company reportedly has tool that spies on Apple, Google and Facebook cloud data  CNBC

An Israeli cybersecurity company has reportedly developed spyware that can scrape data from the servers of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 13:30

A Google exec admits the ugly truth about the smart home  ZDNet

Google has suddenly decided that the smart home needs rebranding. Its solution is such a painful delight.

Publié le 23/07/2019 à 13:19

PSA: Some Google Voice users currently aren’t seeing incoming messages  9to5Google

An unknown bug is causing Google Voice users to miss incoming messages on their phones and the web, specifically those sent from Verizon numbers.

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 16:22

Google adds JavaScript SEO basics to its Search developer’s guide  Search Engine Land

On July 18, Google added a JavaScript SEO basics section to its Search developer's guide. It includes general descriptions of how Google processes JavaScript ...

Publié le 19/07/2019 à 17:30

Google’s Area 120 launches Byteboard to improve technical interviews  TechCrunch

Area 120, Google's lab for experimental projects, is launching Byteboard today, a new tool that aims to make the technical interview experience less tedious and ...

Publié le 17/07/2019 à 14:00

To Break Google's Monopoly on Search, Make Its Index Public  Bloomberg

The tech giant doesn't have to be dismantled. Sharing its crown jewel might reshape the internet.

Publié le 15/07/2019 à 07:00

Amazon and Google are listening to your voice recordings. Here's what we know about that  CNET

First Amazon admitted it -- now Google says it's listening, too. Here are the specifics, and the questions we still want answered.

Publié le 13/07/2019 à 16:27

Keep Google Chrome from spilling your secrets to prying eyes  CNET

Until Chrome starts helping you guard your privacy, these browser extensions can help.

Publié le 18/07/2019 à 11:00

OK Google, tell us why your earnings growth is slowing down ... hello? Anyone there?  MarketWatch

As the parent company of Google nears its fiscal second quarter results on July 25, the chorus of disapproval over its evasive reporting policy has risen on...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 11:51

Google Assistant tests sending texts directly from the Android lockscreen  9to5Google

While voice is an important interaction method, Google has to balance convenience and functionality with security. Google Assistant lockscreen texting...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 04:04

Google Is Making Big Changes To Chrome Incognito Mode  LADbible

If you've ever used Google's Incognito mode (you know who you are) then you might be surprised to know that some websites actually know when you're trying ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 12:49

Amazon Alexa, Google Home Are On a Collision Course With Regulation  Threatpost

Threatpost talks to Tim Mackey with Synopsys about recent Amazon Echo and Google Home privacy faux pas. Will GDPR and other regulations catch up to the ...

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 15:00

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