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  1. Google deal cuts the price of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL by $150 each  Phone Arena
  2. Google Hardware Blitz Coming: Pixel 3 Lite, Pixel 4, And Smartwatch  Forbes
  3. Google Store and Google Fi discount Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL by $150 off  9to5Google
  4. Google Pixel 3: This phone's biggest problem could be fixed later this year  Express
  5. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL available with $150 discount: Here’s how to avail the offer  Times Now
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Publié le 20/01/2019 à 21:21

Google Pixel Slate Long-Term Review: A Better Laptop Than The 2018 iPad Pro  Forbes

The Pixel Slate has succeeded in one important respect: as a good laptop stand-in. Review backgrounder: In this review*, I focus on the laptop-mode aspect.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 20:34

Why Do TV Characters Use Fictitious Search Engines and Not Google?  TVInsider

Besides weightless coffee cups and phone conversations that don't end with a goodbye, nothing on television is more unrealistic than TV characters' apparent ...

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 14:02

Google Maps to Suggest Speeds Limits and Speed Camera Alerts on iOS and Android  News18

Both the features are coming to Google Maps after almost 2 years of research.

Publié le 21/01/2019 à 08:25

Latest Google app beta reveals possible Google Assistant dark mode [Gallery]  9to5Google

As a leak of Android Q confirmed, dark modes will play an important role in the next version of the mobile OS. Google Assistant preps dark mode...

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 19:07

ActionDash brings Google’s Digital Wellbeing features to all Android phones  The Verge

A new app takes Google's Digital Wellbeing features — a set of helpful tools for telling which apps you're spending too much time in — and opens many of them ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 23:00

Is It Time for a Google Fitness Watch?  WIRED

Here comes a Pixel … sport watch? Google and the Fossil Group announced earlier today that the tech giant is acquiring some of Fossil's smartwatch ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 22:58

Google's 'Project Dragonfly' censored search engine triggers protests  NBC News

Human-rights activists planned to protest outside Google offices in 10 countries Friday to urge the company to scrap the censored search engine it developed for ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 09:50

Google’s radar-sensing tech could make any object smart  Digital Trends

The dream of the smart home is that every object in our houses can communicate with every other one. But as great as that sounds on paper, it's not very ...

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 09:00

Google's Fossil deal is about saving Wear OS, not a Pixel Watch

Whatever mystery tech Google is buying, it'll appear on more than one smartwatch.

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 06:10

Chrome browser ALERT - The serious new warning Google users must not ignore  Express

GOOGLE Chrome users are being warned as a new threat is detected which could steal important personal details.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 08:57

How to set up multiroom music playback with Google Home speakers  The Verge

One of the great advantages of having several Google Home speakers is the ability to play the same music throughout your house. Let's say you're cleaning the ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 14:00

The internet's 'father' says it was born with two big flaws  Business Insider

Vint Cerf, now Google's chief internet evangelist, said he's not sure he would have fixed the problems if he had to do it all over again.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 15:00

This is what Google says search will look like under EU copyright laws  The Verge

Last September, the European Parliament voted in favor of the Copyright Directive: a sweeping piece of legislation intended to update copyright for the internet ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 17:26

Microsoft Wants Cortana to Play Nicely With Amazon and Google  WIRED

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the company's Cortana digital assistant should be available on smart speakers made by rivals like Amazon and Google.

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 22:39

Google: How Soon Can You Remove 301 Redirects?  Search Engine Roundtable

We've covered the topic of how long Google wants you to keep 301 redirects in place here numerous times. John Mueller was asked the question again and this ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 12:57

Google starts pulling unvetted Android apps that access call logs and SMS messages  TechCrunch

Google is removing apps from Google Play that request permission to access call logs and SMS text message data but haven't been manually vetted by Google ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 17:17

Play Books with Google Material Theme revamp more widely rolling out  9to5Google

Many Google apps in recent months have been updated with the company's Material Theme. The latest is Play Books, with that revamp now beginning to more ...

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 03:58

The Week in Tech: How Google and Facebook Spawned Surveillance Capitalism  The New York Times

Each week, technology reporters and columnists from The New York Times review the week's news, offering analysis and maybe a joke or two about the most ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 14:00

Google Legal Ops Head Mary O'Carroll Appointed CLOC President | The Recorder

Google's director of legal operations Mary O'Carroll is taking on the role of president at CLOC nearly two weeks after the legal operations networking ...

Publié le 21/01/2019 à 04:08

Not free any more: Google ups price of G Suite Basic & Business  Economic Times

CALIFORNIA: Google's G Suite will now cost you dearer as the company has increased the prices of its *service* for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. Until now ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 13:58

7 ways to search without using Google  Komando

Google isn't everything. Yes, it's the most powerful search engine ever created. Yes, it processes 40,000 searches per second. And yes, Google is the go-to ...

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 13:05

Stop Google And Amazon Speakers From Eavesdropping With This Brilliant DIY Device  Forbes

Google Home and Amazon Alexa are listening to everything you say. Project Alias wants to put a stop to that without sacrificing the convenience of digital ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 13:53

Can we trust tech giants with our faces? Google, Amazon and Microsoft can't agree on how to protect us  USA TODAY

There's a clear rift among the tech giants over how to protect Americans from unchecked face surveillance.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 10:00

Google: 'gay conversion' app must be removed from their store: Karen Price, ACON  Daily Telegraph

Dark rooms, electrocutions, brainwashing and exorcisms can fill ones mind when the subject of gay conversion therapy is raised.

Publié le 21/01/2019 à 00:45

Google Pixel 4 May Be Completely Notchless, Patents Show  Tom's Guide

It seems that Google may be stepping up its Pixel design game and ditching that giant ugly notch. A new patent filed with the World Intellectual Property ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 12:04

Google maps: Cat left truly terrified after huge shock – what has happened?  Express

Google maps' cameras were particularly terrifying for an unsuspecting black cat who was going about its morning stroll. The animal appeared perfectly *content* ...

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 04:01

Comment: Google Assistant’s ‘Pretty Please’ should not sacrifice utility in its quest to be kind  9to5Google

With the launch of "Pretty Please" over the holidays, being nice to the Google Assistant has suddenly become an annoyance.

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 19:47

9to5Google Daily 205: Google testing Fuchsia on the Lenovo Smart Clock?  9to5Google

Listen to a recap of all the top 9to5Google stories of the day. 9to5Google Daily is available on Google Play, iTunes and Apple's Podcasts app, Stitcher, ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 22:55

Purchasing Google One Might Net You Hefty Discounts For Hotels And Travel  TheTravel

Google One members are now eligible for discounts on hotels up to 40%, as well as deals on flights.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 02:33

EU copyright directive nearing final form as Google tests stripped-down news SERPs  Search Engine Land

The final language of the EU Copyright Directive will reportedly be released next week. The directive seeks to “harmonize” copyright law across Europe.

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 04:24

Navigation Apps With Millions of Downloads Exposed as Just Google Maps With Bonus Ads  Gizmodo

One of the purported benefits of modern day app stores is to make it easier for companies to review and ensure that the software you download isn't harmful or ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 18:20

Google Workers Keep Up Fight on Forced Arbitration After Walkout  Bloomberg

The organizers of last year's Google walkout to protest sexual harassment aren't satisfied with what tech companies are doing to change their policies -- and ...

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 17:17

This project hacks Amazon Echo and Google Home to protect your privacy  The Verge

An open-source hardware project promises to keep Amazon and Google's smart assistants from listening in on your private conversations by constantly creating ...

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 15:32

Honor View 20 vs Oppo Find X vs Google Pixel 3: Specs Comparison  gizmochina

Honor View 20 debuted in Europe, are you unsure about which flagship to buy? Here is a comparison with Oppo FInd X and Google Pixel 3.

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 15:58

Is Google an evil genius?  The Economist

AS A CHILD, Shoshana Zuboff accompanied her grandfather as he walked through his factory, greeting workers. He was an inventor and had made his fortune ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 15:52

Google is working with Unity on an ‘Android Game SDK’  9to5Google

With more and more popular games like Fortnite arriving on Android, it seems Google wants to support game developers with a new "Android Game SDK."

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 22:24

5 Must-Have Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant-Equipped Smart Home Device Accessories  Forbes

Once you've joined the ranks of smart speaker households, either by purchasing a Google Home or Amazon Echo, the next question you'll ask is likely: “What ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 17:30

Google Pixel 4 Rumors: Everything You Need to Know  Tom's Guide

The Pixel 3 may still be fairly recent, but the rumor mill is already turning for Google's 2019 flagship phones. Here's everything we've heard to date.

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 18:31

Board Sued Over Google’s Exit Package for Accused Executive  The New York Times

A shareholder lawsuit claims the directors of Google's parent company approved a payout for Andy Rubin, who was accused of sexual harassment, in order to ...

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

The biggest Google Assistant products from CES 2019  The Verge

Google's voice assistant is now so popular that the company recently announced that it expects it to be installed on a billion devices soon. Here are our picks for ...

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

Google's censored China search engine project triggers protests  The News Minute

Google's offices in the US, UK, Canada, India, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark witnessed renewed protests by human rights ...

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 09:17

Google Assistant will soon be on a billion devices, and feature phones are next  The Verge

Google is announcing big stat numbers for its Assistant ahead of CES. Most of these devices are phones, and soon, we'll see what its massive presence at this ...

Publié le 07/01/2019 à 08:00

Google Maps deterring outback tourists, say small firms  BBC News

Tourism operators in Australia claim inaccuracies in Google Maps are deterring potential visitors, by making remote attractions appear further away than they ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 08:57

TVA announces solar farms to serve Google data centers  Knoxville News Sentinel

Two big new solar farms — one in Tennessee and one in Alabama — will provide carbon-free renewable power for tech giant Google's data centers in those ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 22:33

AI-ception: Google’s AI Is Learning How To Make AI Software  ValueWalk

Google is already known to be a pioneer in artificial intelligence, introducing different machine learning techniques to enhance the AI experience. It's no secret ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 15:59

How a dangerous piece of Android malware snuck into the Google Play store  BGR

Security researchers from Trend Micro recently unearthed a piece of Android malware known as Anibus that managed to sneak into the Google Play Store with a ...

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 04:07

RCS Chat is launching on Google Fi  The Verge

Today, Google is announcing that it's rolling out RCS Chat on the Google Fi network. Google is also announcing that it's improving data speeds for users who ...

Publié le 14/01/2019 à 17:30

Britons make 170,000 antisemitic Google searches a year, study finds  The Guardian

At least 170,000 antisemitic Google searches are made in the UK every year, with 10% of them involving violent phrases such as “Jews must die” or “kill Jews”, ...

Publié le 11/01/2019 à 08:00

Google says it is discontinuing the Chromecast Audio  9to5Google

Google is discontinuing the most affordable way to integrate with the Google Home ecosystem, Chromecast Audio, altogether.

Publié le 11/01/2019 à 17:39

Amul sends legal notice to Google, alleges search engine gained from ads  Gadgets Now

The country's biggest dairy brand Amul has sent a legal notice to Google India, alleging that the technology giant has “benefited” from Google Search ad ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 06:27

The Verge 2018 tech report card: Google  The Verge

Google spent the year eroding trust between customers, the YouTube creator community, and even its own employees.

Publié le 26/12/2018 à 08:00

Google’s first-party Podcasts app is getting Android Auto support  The Verge

The latest version of Google's first-party Podcasts app has added support for Android Auto. Paid podcasting app Pocket Casts has been Android Auto ...

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

Google campus starts to take shape in north San Jose  The Mercury News

Google, very quietly, appears to be taking *fresh* steps towards what could be a new campus for the search giant in north San Jose, where the company spent ...

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

Google signs 32-bit only apps' death sentence - news

Google is cleaning house – starting on August 1 2019 it will no longer accept new apps or app updates that do not support 64-bit processors. You will still be ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 05:45

"Cloud computing is the answer": Q+A with Google Cloud's Pravin Pillai  ClickZ

Cloud computing and AI are instrumental in helping marketers utilize their data, according to Google Cloud executive Pravin Pillai.

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 14:01

He said, she said: Why guessing gender pronouns is a challenge for tech companies like Google  Deseret News

Getting he/she and him/her right is tricky for artificial intelligence. Some tech companies are avoiding pronouns all together to avoid bias.

Publié le 21/01/2019 à 05:00

Google Play still has a clone problem in 2019 with no end in sight  Android Authority

Google Play is one of the biggest and most successful app stores in the world. However, some of its biggest problems are app and game clones.

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 12:00

Google’s Project Soli radar is sensitive enough to count sheets of paper and read Lego bricks  The Verge

Google's Project Soli explores the use of miniature radars in future hardware interfaces. Now, researchers from the University of St Andrews show how the same ...

Publié le 04/01/2019 à 08:00

Google staff complained word FAMILY was 'offensive' and 'homophobic' when referring to children  Daily Mail

Google was forced to backtrack on their use of the word 'family' in 2017 when staff in California complained the term was used in the context of having children, ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 04:00

Google wins U.S. approval for new radar-based motion sensor  Reuters

Alphabet Inc's Google unit won approval from U.S. regulators to deploy a radar-based motion sensing device known as Project Soli.

Publié le 01/01/2019 à 08:00

Google's E-Money License And The 8 Reasons Why Bankers Are Relaxed  Forbes

Recently, Bloomberg has reported that Google has obtained an eMoney license in Lithuania. Without any "ifs" and "but"s this reinforces Google's willingness to ...

Publié le 28/12/2018 à 08:00

Google “Leaked” Lead Generation Playbook  Search Engine Journal

Another Google User Experience Playbook has been leaked. This one is about Lead Generation. The playbook has been indexed by Google and is publicly ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 10:09

Google to soon launch on-demand ECG feature for smartwatches, takes on Apple Watch Series 4  Hindustan Times

The Study Watch, announced two years ago, is intended to be a test platform for the company to research how to best gather health data on a wearable device..

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 05:37

Google: Mobile Usability is Not Related to Mobile-First Indexing  Search Engine Journal

Google's John Mueller clarified that *content* may be still moved to mobile-first indexing despite not passing the mobile usability test.

Publié le 13/01/2019 à 19:20

Google Keep cheat sheet  Computerworld

Google Keep lets you create notes and to-do lists that sync across your computer and phone or tablet. It's remarkably handy in a variety of ways. You can tag and ...

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 11:00

Google plans move into Los Angeles's Westside Pavilion mall building  The Architect's Newspaper

Google will be moving to the building currently known as the Westside Pavilion shopping mall in West Los Angeles. Last week Hudson Pacific Properties and ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 21:03

Google to establish new offices near Westwood Expo Line stop  Daily Bruin

Google will establish a new campus near UCLA in two years. Google has leased the converted Westside Pavilion shopping mall in West Los Angeles, now ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 07:25

[Update: AOD, Pixel Launcher weather fixed] Google app 9.0 preps Podcasts transcription, rounded Assistant, 9to5G shout-out [APK Insight]  9to5Google

The latest version of Google Discover has rolled out, while the Google app is testing more Material Theme and new Assistant controls. Google app 9.0...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 14:40

Tracking the Demise of My Marriage on Google Maps  The New York Times

My husband moved out about six weeks ago, marking the end of our nearly 19-year relationship, but Google Maps hasn't noticed yet. That morning I had ...

Publié le 04/01/2019 à 08:00

'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism  The Guardian

Shoshana Zuboff's new book is a chilling exposé of the business model that underpins the digital world. Observer tech columnist John Naughton explains the ...

Publié le 20/01/2019 à 07:00

Who won CES 2019: Amazon or Google?  CNET

CNET's Amazon and Google reporters debate products, partnerships and presence at the world's largest tech show.

Publié le 11/01/2019 à 08:00

Google’s internal SEO strategy: Make small changes, embrace change, consolidate  Search Engine Land

Sean O'Keefe, a data scientist at Google, on Thursday shared how Google thinks about their own internal SEO efforts for the 7,000 websites they manage.

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

Google's Hardware Ambitions Are Starting to Pay Off  The Motley Fool

The search giant is expected to enjoy $3 billion in hardware profits this year.

Publié le 26/12/2018 à 08:00

Google's Core G Suite Apps Get Material Design on the Web

Google started rolling out a major update for G Suite apps on the web. The company is introducing a new look for Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 15:25

This E Ink screen is the first of many new Google Assistant gadgets  The Verge

Google Assistant Connect is the answer to Alexa's ecosystem play. It will enable device makers to create neat little gadgets that take advantage of Google's ...

Publié le 08/01/2019 à 08:00

This is the story about how the internet worked before Google, Facebook, and YouTube  Channel 24

Valley of the Boom follows the turbulent ride of three different companies whose founders were trying to change the world using the new technology of the ...

Publié le 18/01/2019 à 11:46

This is how Tab Grouping will work on Google Chrome  MSPoweruser

Google has been working for some time on adding Tab Grouping to their Chrome browser. After adding some non-functional items in the context menu, the ...

Publié le 19/01/2019 à 17:12

I'm seriously doubting the Google Pixel 3's dominance as the best smartphone camera after taking it on vacation  Business Insider

The Pixel 3 is the safe choice for the best smartphone camera, but I've found that you can get even better shots with a phone that costs far less.

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 19:07

Google’s latest Pixel 3 update improves audio quality in video recordings  The Verge

Google is rolling out its first monthly update in 2019 for its flagship Android devices. The only listed change is a bug fix addressing an audio quality issue on both ...

Publié le 08/01/2019 à 08:00

Google Chrome extension that steals card numbers still available on Web Store  ZDNet

A malicious Google Chrome extension that can recognize and steal payment card details entered in web forms is still available on the Chrome Web Store.

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 00:27

Apple has a message for Amazon and Google and it's plastered on the side of a hotel at the biggest tech conference of the year  CNBC

Apple has a large message plastered to the side of a hotel that overlooks CES 2019 in Las Vegas, and it's clearly targeted at Amazon and Google.

Publié le 06/01/2019 à 08:00

Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism  lareviewofbooks

Whatever its imperfections, Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" is an original and brilliant work, and it arrives at a crucial moment.

Publié le 15/01/2019 à 13:31

Demystifying Google's guide to clicks, impressions and position in Google Search Console  Search Engine Land

Google Search Console is packed with important information for site owners and SEOs. Via GSC, Google has done a great job providing reporting and ...

Publié le 16/01/2019 à 17:49

'Right to be forgotten' by Google should apply only in EU, says court opinion  The Guardian

NGOs warned of potential harm to internet users' rights if Google lost ECJ case.

Publié le 10/01/2019 à 08:00

Google Demanded That T-Mobile, Sprint Not Sell Google Fi Customers' Location Data  Motherboard

Google's phone, text, and data *service* relies on infrastructure provided by T-Mobile and Sprint. A Motherboard investigation found both telcos selling customers' ...

Publié le 11/01/2019 à 08:00

The all-electric Polestar 2 will be the first car with Google’s native Android Auto  The Verge

Volvo's first full EV will travel around 300 miles on a charge, and cost as much as a Tesla Model 3. It will also include native Google Assistant.

Publié le 04/01/2019 à 08:00

Google transformed Mountain View, is San Jose next?  San Francisco Chronicle

For decades, canneries around San Jose's Diridon Station processed the fruits of the fertile “Valley of Heart's Delight,” now known as Silicon Valley. Opened in ...

Publié le 08/01/2019 à 08:00

Google wins dismissal of facial recognition lawsuit over biometric privacy act  The Verge

Google just got an important lawsuit over facial recognition dismissed. As first reported by Bloomberg, the lawsuit has been dismissed by a state judge who ...

Publié le 29/12/2018 à 08:00

Updated study: Links are still incredibly important for ranking in Google  Search Engine Land

For the past few years, Stone Temple Consulting, which was acquired by Perficient, has come out with a study analyzing just how important links are to rankings ...

Publié le 17/01/2019 à 12:07

Google shifted $23 billion to tax haven Bermuda in 2017: filing  Reuters

Google moved 19.9 billion euros ($22.7 billion) through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, as part of an arrangement that allows it to reduce its foreign ...

Publié le 03/01/2019 à 08:00

Android through the ages: the history of Google's smartphone OS  TechRadar

Our look at every version of Android so far, and their key features.

Publié le 31/12/2018 à 08:00

Google’s Fuchsia OS confirmed to have Android app support via Android Runtime  9to5Google

We've long suspected that Fuchsia would be able to run Android apps. Now, we have full confirmation that Fuchsia will directly support the Android Runtime.

Publié le 02/01/2019 à 08:00

You can save up to $300 on a Pixelbook with Google’s incredible last-minute holiday deal  PCWorld

Google is knocking $250 off the entry-level Pixelbook, and some lucky buyers will also get a bonus $50 gift card.

Publié le 22/12/2018 à 08:00

Google's top trending health questions of 2018: Keto diet, ALS, endometriosis, and more  CBS News

This year, people turned to Google to answer their questions about the keto diet, ALS, endometriosis, and more.

Publié le 29/12/2018 à 08:00

Google Pixel Slate review: Google's pricey vision of a tablet-meets-Chromebook doesn't quite gel  CNET

Google's pricey vision of a tablet-meets-Chromebook doesn't quite gel.

Publié le 02/01/2019 à 08:00

New for Christmas 2018: Google's Santa Tracker Now Offers the Gift of Games  Fortune

Google Santa Tracker, Village has cool math, Christmas games let you write code, sketch, learn; NORAD's Santa Tracker also operates Dec 24.

Publié le 23/12/2018 à 08:00

Investors Are Focused Too Closely on Facebook and Google's Market Share  Motley Fool

Looking at the broader market shows why these two companies are great investments.

Publié le 03/01/2019 à 08:00

Here’s why pay TV operators are flocking to Google’s Android TV  9to5Google

In the streaming market, Android TV is still far from the largest platform out there, paling in comparison to the mighty Roku. However, it's clearly growing with the ...

Publié le 28/12/2018 à 08:00

What AWS can learn from Google's roaring Kubernetes success  TechRepublic

Google has done everything right with Kubernetes and its enablement of a vibrant community. AWS has a chance to follow with Firecracker.

Publié le 11/01/2019 à 08:00

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