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France’s competition watchdog orders Google to pay for news reuse  TechCrunchPublié le 09/04/2020 à 13:35

Google extends free access to advanced teleconferencing features to September 30th  The VergePublié le 09/04/2020 à 20:21

Google’s midrange Pixel 4A could launch soon, and there may not be an XL version  The VergePublié le 09/04/2020 à 15:38

Google now offers a Braille keyboard for Android  The VergePublié le 09/04/2020 à 18:02

Google expands AI calling service Duplex to Australia, Canada, and the UK  The VergePublié le 08/04/2020 à 23:39

Google gets federal OK to operate subsea cable from Taiwan to US as it nears maximum capacity in Asia  CNBCPublié le 09/04/2020 à 01:19

Google bans its employees from using Zoom over security concerns  The VergePublié le 08/04/2020 à 20:09

Google launches free version of Stadia with a two-month Pro trial  The VergePublié le 08/04/2020 à 16:43

How Facebook and Google are helping the CDC forecast coronavirus  MIT Technology ReviewPublié le 09/04/2020 à 17:52

Google outage hits Gmail, Snapchat and Nest  The GuardianPublié le 08/04/2020 à 23:22

Alphabet in the age of COVID-19: Google braved one recession, and now it’s more diversified  MarketWatchPublié le 09/04/2020 à 15:24

Google Fit redesign makes step tracking much more prominent  The VergePublié le 07/04/2020 à 23:39

Samsung to design a custom Exynos chip for Google - news  GSMArena.comPublié le 09/04/2020 à 16:28

State working with Google to enhance unemployment website, keep up with demand  fingerlakes1.comPublié le 09/04/2020 à 10:59

Google uses location data to show which places are complying with stay-at-home orders — and which aren’t  The VergePublié le 03/04/2020 à 06:16

Google Starts To Publish Coronavirus Mobility Reports  ForbesPublié le 07/04/2020 à 08:16

Coronavirus Delays Google Chrome Cookie Update  Search Engine JournalPublié le 07/04/2020 à 10:27

Google Suddenly Halts Controversial Chrome Change In Dramatic New COVID-19 Move  ForbesPublié le 05/04/2020 à 10:37

Google's UK staff earned average of £234,000 in 2019  The GuardianPublié le 07/04/2020 à 19:22

How to Mute Other People in Google Meet  How-To GeekPublié le 08/04/2020 à 13:00

Cloudflare dumps Google's reCAPTCHA, moves to hCaptcha as free ride ends (and something about privacy)  The RegisterPublié le 09/04/2020 à 06:04

This Is Why Huawei Needs To Fix Its Google Problem Fast  ForbesPublié le 06/04/2020 à 13:43

Google Makes it Easier to Find Take-Out, Delivery During the Pandemic  Motley FoolPublié le 06/04/2020 à 17:09

Google and Fitbit Deal Faces a Big Hurdle, DOJ Expands Review  Market RealistPublié le 06/04/2020 à 13:32

Zoom Stock Rally Cools On Google Ban  Investor's Business DailyPublié le 08/04/2020 à 21:09

Google Reveals What COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema Looks Like in Search  Search Engine JournalPublié le 06/04/2020 à 20:18

Google's new Chrome OS touch gestures make navigation easier  EngadgetPublié le 08/04/2020 à 04:23

Daily Crunch: Google publishes coronavirus mobility reports  TechCrunchPublié le 03/04/2020 à 17:08

The Ad Council and Google push '#StayHome. Save lives' industry-wide movement  The DrumPublié le 08/04/2020 à 16:09

Google Launches a Series of Blog Posts Highlighting the Value of SEO  Search Engine JournalPublié le 08/04/2020 à 18:47

Google location data for Seattle shows decline in work, transit and retail trips — but not park visits  GeekWirePublié le 06/04/2020 à 17:30

Google is using machine learning to improve the quality of Duo calls  The VergePublié le 02/04/2020 à 16:17

Google Is Tracking Whether You're Staying Home  Inc.Publié le 04/04/2020 à 09:20

What Is The Best Google Suggest Keyword Tool  Business 2 CommunityPublié le 08/04/2020 à 12:34

Google Joins With U.K. Researchers to Track Coronavirus Cases  BloombergPublié le 03/04/2020 à 21:27

Google Home Routines can be annoying. Here's how to avoid that  CNETPublié le 05/04/2020 à 11:00

Google updates Pixel 4 with ‘eyes open’ fix for face unlock  The VergePublié le 06/04/2020 à 21:54

Outside China, Android isn’t Android without Google  The VergePublié le 26/03/2020 à 11:20

Google's AR animals let you be a Tiger King at home  CNETPublié le 06/04/2020 à 20:05

Google sets aside $800M in ads and loans to help in COVID-19 fight  TechCrunchPublié le 27/03/2020 à 18:16

Google to shut down its India-focused Q&A app Neighbourly  TechCrunchPublié le 02/04/2020 à 06:54

Two schoolkids sue Google for collecting biometrics  Naked SecurityPublié le 07/04/2020 à 11:24

Google's Alphabet drones deliver coronavirus supplies  Fox BusinessPublié le 09/04/2020 à 13:08

Google Is Publishing Location Data From 131 Countries To Show How Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Working  BuzzFeed NewsPublié le 03/04/2020 à 11:39

Are Texans Social Distancing? Google Data Provides Insight  Spectrum NewsPublié le 08/04/2020 à 18:53

NYS and Google create partnership to improve unemployment system  WGRZ.comPublié le 07/04/2020 à 17:57

Google Maps data shows social distancing at work in Lebanon County  LebTownPublié le 09/04/2020 à 11:03

Google to resume regular Chrome updates after brief pause  The VergePublié le 27/03/2020 à 10:45

Google expands North San Jose footprint with latest property purchase from Cisco - Silicon Valley  Silicon Valley Business JournalPublié le 07/04/2020 à 22:03

Google research makes for an effortless robotic dog trot  TechCrunchPublié le 03/04/2020 à 22:32

Test and trace with Apple and Google  TechCrunchPublié le 30/03/2020 à 23:29

Google publishes report showing mobility changes in Ohio during stay-at-home order  ABC6OnYourSide.comPublié le 05/04/2020 à 16:38

Google Reverses Cookie Changes; Australian OOH Revenue Down 2.6%  ExchangeWirePublié le 07/04/2020 à 10:26

Google’s coronavirus website finally launches alongside enhanced search results  The VergePublié le 21/03/2020 à 07:00

Google has banned the Infowars Android app over false coronavirus claims  The VergePublié le 28/03/2020 à 01:11

Google ups Duo group calling limit from eight to twelve  The VergePublié le 27/03/2020 à 13:13

Google to begin lifting coronavirus ad ban  The VergePublié le 02/04/2020 à 15:58

Google will partner with US government to develop a nationwide coronavirus website, company says  CNNPublié le 15/03/2020 à 03:54

'Google never forgets:' Bucknell professor on effects of social media on privacy  NorthcentralPa.comPublié le 09/04/2020 à 21:00

Amazon or Google. Which stock should you buy?  Cantech LetterPublié le 09/04/2020 à 00:03

Art Transfer by Google lets you apply famous artists’ styles to your own photos  The VergePublié le 02/04/2020 à 18:58

Google has completely canceled Google I/O 2020  The VergePublié le 20/03/2020 à 20:15

Huawei wants to put Google apps in its own app store after US blacklisting blocks access to Android  CNBCPublié le 31/03/2020 à 08:47

Google Search to feature special announcements from government sites  9to5GooglePublié le 04/04/2020 à 01:46

5G: The Next Battleground For Microsoft And Google  ForbesPublié le 06/04/2020 à 14:47

Google indefinitely delays the digital version of its Cloud Next conference  The VergePublié le 17/03/2020 à 17:50

Google May Be Forced to Reveal its Search Algorithm to an SEO  Search Engine JournalPublié le 04/04/2020 à 23:20

Google Squashes High-Severity Flaws in Chrome Browser  ThreatpostPublié le 02/04/2020 à 21:19

Google's YouTube to Take on TikTok With Shorts  The Motley FoolPublié le 03/04/2020 à 02:47

Google has been unusually proactive in fighting COVID-19 misinformation  The VergePublié le 11/03/2020 à 10:13

Google Podcasts rolls out new design, launches on iOS  The VergePublié le 25/03/2020 à 13:18

Google Will Sell COVID-19 Ads, Alphabet Stock Fell  Market RealistPublié le 03/04/2020 à 12:50

Google highlights viral nature of 3D animals in new ad [Video]  9to5GooglePublié le 02/04/2020 à 04:18

Google Pay and PhonePe top global fintech download chart in February  EntrackrPublié le 09/04/2020 à 07:28

Google launches a better camera app for new Android Go low-end devices  The VergePublié le 19/03/2020 à 17:49

Google ends sales of the Pixel 3  The VergePublié le 31/03/2020 à 13:08

New Google Pixel Buds listed again at stores for pre-order  9to5GooglePublié le 05/04/2020 à 03:10

New COVID-19 Announcement Tool in Google Search Console  Search Engine JournalPublié le 03/04/2020 à 11:19

This week’s top stories: Google’s 3D animals, new OnePlus logo wallpapers, One UI 2.1 for S10, more  9to5GooglePublié le 04/04/2020 à 16:31

Google advises all employees in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa work from home due to coro…  The VergePublié le 11/03/2020 à 19:48

Android malware found farming ads for cash in kids' apps on Google's Play Store  The Next WebPublié le 27/03/2020 à 07:55

Hot spots: Pandemic pushes California to bridge a digital divide  CALmattersPublié le 03/04/2020 à 22:41

Senate Democrats raise alarms over the security of Google's coronavirus screening site  CNBCPublié le 18/03/2020 à 20:25

Google launches a new ‘Works with Chromebook’ badge for accessories  The VergePublié le 17/03/2020 à 20:08

From Gmail to Gfail: Google's G-Suite topples over for unlucky netizens, rights itself  The RegisterPublié le 26/03/2020 à 07:00

Google to skip April Fools' Day pranks amid coronavirus  New York Post Publié le 31/03/2020 à 15:00

Alphabet's Verily ramps up drive-thru coronavirus testing with 1,000 Google volunteers  CNBCPublié le 27/03/2020 à 12:53

Google data show New Yorkers doing less social distancing than people in Italy, Spain  New York Post Publié le 03/04/2020 à 20:09

Google employees demand better treatment for contract workers amid coronavirus crisis  The VergePublié le 18/03/2020 à 00:26

Google tests hiding Chrome extension icons by default, developers definitely not amused by the change  The RegisterPublié le 07/04/2020 à 01:09

New Huawei Surprise As Users Can Now Install Google With Just One Click: Here’s What You Do  ForbesPublié le 15/03/2020 à 11:04

IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft partner with White House to provide compute resources for COVID-19 research  TechCrunchPublié le 22/03/2020 à 23:08

Google cancels its infamous April Fools’ jokes this year  The VergePublié le 27/03/2020 à 18:37

Google Cloud launches a managed Memcached service  TechCrunchPublié le 02/04/2020 à 16:18

Facebook, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube issue joint statement on misinformation  TechCrunchPublié le 17/03/2020 à 04:04

Google’s new Pixel Buds could hit spring release date, as they may have just hit the FCC  The VergePublié le 26/03/2020 à 20:16

Coronavirus: Google reveals travel habits during the pandemic  BBC NewsPublié le 03/04/2020 à 06:18

Facebook, Google Could Lose Over $44 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2020 Because of Coronavirus  VarietyPublié le 25/03/2020 à 14:05

Which 3D animals are missing from Google’s AR objects feature? [Poll]  9to5GooglePublié le 04/04/2020 à 08:25

Google halts upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS  The VergePublié le 18/03/2020 à 18:02

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