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Google agrees to pay news publishers more than $1 billion  CNNPublié le 01/10/2020 à 12:39

Google launches AI secretary that waits on hold for phone users  The GuardianPublié le 01/10/2020 à 14:03

Google Maps quietly rolled out one of its most-requested features  CNNPublié le 03/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Phone app comes to more devices, and can now tell you why a business is calling  The VergePublié le 08/09/2020 à 07:00

Barr Ignores Lawyers’ Calls to Go Slow on Google Antitrust Case  The New York TimesPublié le 03/09/2020 à 07:00

Ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt: US 'dropped the ball' on innovation  BBC NewsPublié le 11/09/2020 à 21:34

Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch after abandoning it three years ago  The VergePublié le 09/09/2020 à 07:00

Google Will Block Its Autocomplete Suggestions For Some Election-Related Searches  NPRPublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Google pushes Europe to limit ‘gatekeeper’ platform rules  TechCrunchPublié le 04/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Fundo lets creators get paid by hosting virtual meet-and-greets  The VergePublié le 09/09/2020 à 07:00

Google abandons new Dublin office with enough space for 2,000 staff  CNBCPublié le 09/09/2020 à 07:00

Google recruiting group warns minority turnover will continue without clearer diversity goals  CNBCPublié le 01/09/2020 à 07:00

Google Store renders reveal the blue Pixel 4A that never was  The VergePublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Google proposes new town-like tech hub in Mountain View  CNBCPublié le 02/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Sundar Pichai Is a Really Nice Guy. Is That Enough?  The Wall Street JournalPublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Google Groups rolling out redesign that includes improved mobile site  The VergePublié le 12/09/2020 à 07:00

Why Google and Facebook are being asked to pay for the news they use – explainer  The GuardianPublié le 04/09/2020 à 07:00

Google tells employees to take Friday off as a 'collective wellbeing' holiday during pandemic  CNBCPublié le 03/09/2020 à 07:00

Fortnite Fight: CEO Explains Why He Launched War Against Apple, Google  NPRPublié le 10/09/2020 à 07:00

Huawei Suddenly Strikes At Google With New ‘Fight’ To Beat Android  ForbesPublié le 06/09/2020 à 07:00

Judge dismisses data sharing lawsuit against University of Chicago, Google  FierceHealthcarePublié le 08/09/2020 à 07:00

Amazon, Apple, and Google’s open-source smart home standard is on track for a 2021 launch  The VergePublié le 08/09/2020 à 07:00

Apple and Google have launched coronavirus exposure notifications without an app  MIT Technology ReviewPublié le 02/09/2020 à 07:00

Google's Quantum Computer Achieves Chemistry Milestone  Scientific AmericanPublié le 04/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Waze lays off 5 percent of its workforce, closes offices in Asia and Latin America  The VergePublié le 09/09/2020 à 07:00

Greens may back forcing Facebook and Google to pay for news if ABC is included  The GuardianPublié le 13/09/2020 à 07:00

Italy opens competition probe into Apple, Google and Dropbox's cloud storage services  CNBCPublié le 07/09/2020 à 07:00

Apple, Google, and Amazon respond to European tech taxes by passing on costs  The VergePublié le 02/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s personalized audio news feature, Your News Update, comes to Google Podcasts  TechCrunchPublié le 02/09/2020 à 07:00

Create your own moody quarantine music with Google’s AI  MIT Technology ReviewPublié le 04/09/2020 à 07:00

Apple issues new rules for App Store that will impact streaming game services from Google and Microsoft  CNBCPublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Colleges, universities should watch Google career certificate program - Business Insider  Business InsiderPublié le 13/09/2020 à 07:00

A year later, Amazon’s voice assistant coalition still does not include Apple, Google, or Samsung  The VergePublié le 09/09/2020 à 07:00

Twitter and Google join Facebook in tightening rules on US election claims  The GuardianPublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Google Abandons Plan to Rent Dublin Office for 2,000 Workers  BloombergPublié le 07/09/2020 à 07:00

The Google Pixel 5s, explained  Android CentralPublié le 13/09/2020 à 07:00

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)  MashablePublié le 12/09/2020 à 07:00

Android security: Six more apps containing Joker malware removed from the Google Play Store  ZDNetPublié le 02/09/2020 à 07:00

U.S. Google Antitrust Case Set to Expand With GOP States Joining  BloombergPublié le 11/09/2020 à 07:00

Google’s ‘Sabrina’ Android TV dongle appears at major retailers suggesting $49-$59 price  9to5GooglePublié le 31/08/2020 à 07:00

Google Grilled on Ad Business Dominance by US Senate Panel  Gadgets 360Publié le 16/09/2020 à 07:00

Google is separating Chrome from Chrome OS — it's a big deal, here's what you need to know  Android PolicePublié le 12/09/2020 à 07:00

Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing technology  Apple NewsroomPublié le 10/04/2020 à 07:00

Google parent company Alphabet sees its first revenue decline in history  The VergePublié le 30/07/2020 à 07:00

Google employees will work from home until at least summer 2021  The Washington PostPublié le 27/07/2020 à 07:00

Even Google engineers are confused about Google’s privacy settings  The VergePublié le 26/08/2020 à 07:00

Google is delaying the shutdown of Chrome apps, but you probably weren’t using them anyway  The VergePublié le 10/08/2020 à 07:00

Google accused by developer of retaliation for cooperating with House antitrust investigation  The Washington PostPublié le 31/07/2020 à 07:00

Epic is suing Google over Fortnite’s removal from the Google Play Store  The VergePublié le 13/08/2020 à 07:00

Gmail, Docs, Drive, and more Google services hit by widespread disruption  The VergePublié le 20/08/2020 à 07:00

Travel startups cry foul over what Google’s doing with their data  TechCrunchPublié le 14/08/2020 à 07:00

Google just changed the WFH game for everyone  CNNPublié le 28/07/2020 à 07:00

Google Coronavirus Apps Give it Way to Access Location Data  The New York TimesPublié le 20/07/2020 à 07:00

Google says it will no longer save a complete record of every search  The GuardianPublié le 24/06/2020 à 07:00

Google quietly launches an AI-powered Pinterest rival named Keen  The VergePublié le 19/06/2020 à 07:00

Google is going to try to win TV for the umpteenth time  The VergePublié le 03/06/2020 à 07:00

Google Chrome will try to stop you from typing into risky text boxes  The VergePublié le 17/08/2020 à 07:00

Google reportedly negotiating with Samsung to push Assistant over Bixby  The VergePublié le 29/07/2020 à 07:00

Google employees demand company stop selling tech to police  TechCrunchPublié le 22/06/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Phone app could soon tell you why a business is calling you  The VergePublié le 26/06/2020 à 07:00

Google Play Music to shut down starting in September, will disappear by December  TechCrunchPublié le 05/08/2020 à 07:00

Searching for Video? Google Pushes YouTube Over Rivals  The Wall Street JournalPublié le 14/07/2020 à 07:00

Unsealed Google lawsuit docs show its own engineers were confused by privacy settings  Arizona MirrorPublié le 24/08/2020 à 07:00

Google Faces European Inquiry Into Fitbit Acquisition  The New York TimesPublié le 04/08/2020 à 07:00

Google commits $175 million to Black businesses and promises to diversify leadership  CNBCPublié le 17/06/2020 à 07:00

Google Reveals Gmail’s Most Ambitious Ever Upgrades  ForbesPublié le 19/07/2020 à 07:00

Google Has Announced a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree  Inc.Publié le 19/08/2020 à 07:00

Google giving far-right users' data to law enforcement, documents reveal  The GuardianPublié le 17/08/2020 à 07:00

Star Technologist Who Crossed Google Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison  The New York TimesPublié le 04/08/2020 à 07:00

Your Objections to the Google-Fitbit Merger  EFFPublié le 25/06/2020 à 07:00

Google will announce its new budget Android phone on Aug. 3  CNBCPublié le 30/07/2020 à 07:00

Google's Quiet Preparations For Apple's IDFA Change Offers Hints On The Future Of Its Own Mobile Ad ID  AdExchangerPublié le 31/08/2020 à 07:00

Google Chrome users may have been impacted by a massive spying campaign, report says  CNNPublié le 19/06/2020 à 07:00

Google Maps is getting a lot more detail  The VergePublié le 18/08/2020 à 07:00

Google is rebranding Hangouts Chat as just Google Chat  The VergePublié le 09/04/2020 à 07:00

Here’s how to make a claim in the $7.5M Google Plus security flaw settlement  The VergePublié le 07/08/2020 à 07:00

Google’s ‘trust tokens’ are here to take cookies down a peg  The VergePublié le 31/07/2020 à 07:00

What is Google Drive? A guide to Google's file storage service - Business Insider  Business InsiderPublié le 28/07/2020 à 07:00

Google Chrome update brings better tab management, QR codes, plus performance improvements  TechCrunchPublié le 25/08/2020 à 07:00

First US apps based on Google and Apple Exposure Notification System expected in ‘coming weeks’  TechCrunchPublié le 31/07/2020 à 07:00

Google Plus is officially gone after its mobile apps are rebranded as Google Currents  The VergePublié le 06/07/2020 à 07:00

Google taps vast trove of location data to aid global effort to combat coronavirus  The Washington PostPublié le 02/04/2020 à 07:00

Google’s app is getting a dark mode starting today  The VergePublié le 19/05/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Kids Space aims to make Android tablets more kid-friendly  The VergePublié le 31/08/2020 à 07:00

Google’s Android TV dongle could be coming soon  The VergePublié le 24/08/2020 à 07:00

France’s competition watchdog orders Google to pay for news reuse  TechCrunchPublié le 09/04/2020 à 07:00

Google is testing domain-only URLs in Chrome to help foil scams and phishing  The VergePublié le 13/08/2020 à 07:00

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google face claims of 'harmful' power  BBC NewsPublié le 30/07/2020 à 07:00

Google's smart assistant can now help families with kids at taking classes online from home  CNBCPublié le 04/08/2020 à 07:00

Google Offers 100,000 Scholarships - Here’s How To Get One  ForbesPublié le 14/07/2020 à 07:00

Google Meet video conferencing is now free for anybody  The VergePublié le 29/04/2020 à 07:00

Google is now making it easier to find Black-owned businesses  The VergePublié le 31/07/2020 à 07:00

Google’s $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition is getting closer scrutiny from EU regulators  The VergePublié le 03/07/2020 à 07:00

Apple and Google launch coronavirus exposure software  The Washington PostPublié le 20/05/2020 à 07:00

Google brings Meet to Gmail on mobile  TechCrunchPublié le 16/06/2020 à 07:00

Apple, Google Team Up To Develop Smartphone Contact Tracing  NPRPublié le 14/04/2020 à 07:00

Google launches the final beta of Android 11  TechCrunchPublié le 06/08/2020 à 07:00

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking 'private' internet use  ReutersPublié le 02/06/2020 à 07:00

Google is finally killing off Chrome apps, which nobody really used anyhow  The VergePublié le 15/01/2020 à 08:00

French court slaps down Google’s appeal against $57M GDPR fine  TechCrunchPublié le 19/06/2020 à 07:00

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