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  1. France rules Google must pay news firms for content  Reuters
  2. French publishers win decisive battle against Google  Politico
  3. France orders Google to pay news companies for showing article extracts  Engadget
  4. French regulator orders Google pay copyright fees to media groups  Raw Story
  5. Google Ordered to Pay for News in French Antitrust Crackdown  Bloomberg
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Publié le 09/04/2020 à 20:43

Europe’s Big Economies Brace for Sharpest Drop Since World War II  The New York TimesPublié le 09/04/2020 à 00:15

Netherlands blocking decision on ESM is incomprehensible: French presidency  ReutersPublié le 08/04/2020 à 13:46

  1. Coronavirus French death toll passes 10,000  BBC News
  2. France announces 1,417 coronavirus deaths, nation's largest one-day toll | TheHill  The Hill
  3. France to extend lockdown, coronavirus death toll close to 11,000  Reuters
  4. France Can’t Give Update on Overall Coronavirus Deaths  Bloomberg
  5. Paris bans daytime jogging as coronavirus deaths in France top 10,000  New York Post
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Publié le 07/04/2020 à 18:57

No, France. Africa is not your testing ground.  The Washington PostPublié le 08/04/2020 à 12:05

France's Macron 'refuses to see WHO locked into U.S.-China war': Elysee  ReutersView Full Coverage on Google NewsPublié le 09/04/2020 à 00:53

Romans-sur-Isère: France launches terror probe after knife attack  BBC NewsPublié le 05/04/2020 à 06:58

Have $1,600 for a Tree? France Is Calling  NewserPublié le 08/04/2020 à 22:20

France lockdown: Police step up enforcement measures  Aljazeera.comPublié le 09/04/2020 à 09:13

The three conditions France needs to meet before coronavirus lockdown can be ended  The Local FrancePublié le 09/04/2020 à 09:42

France to extend its lockdown again, will run beyond April 15: Elysee  ReutersPublié le 08/04/2020 à 20:05

  1. Top French fashion brands start making free face masks  The Local France
  2. Louis Vuitton Is Now Producing Face Masks  The Cut
  3. Illegal mask shipment to France from Turkey intercepted at border  Daily Sabah
  4. Louis Vuitton's French Workshops to Create Thousands of Face Masks  HYPEBEAST
  5. Top French fashion brands start making free masks  Yahoo News
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Publié le 09/04/2020 à 06:26

Terror Probe Opened in Deadly French Knife Attack  The Wall Street JournalPublié le 05/04/2020 à 02:52

The unbearable wait for families with relatives in France’s coronavirus-hit care homes  FRANCE 24 EnglishPublié le 07/04/2020 à 14:30

France Tries Limiting Joblessness to Confront Coronavirus Recession  The New York TimesPublié le 03/04/2020 à 04:09

France not ruling out debt issuance with limited group of countries - presidency  ReutersPublié le 08/04/2020 à 13:58

Lifting lockdown: France looks ahead to options for easing coronavirus restrictions  FRANCE 24 EnglishPublié le 04/04/2020 à 17:32

Crisis in the Sahel Becoming France’s Forever War  The New York TimesPublié le 30/03/2020 à 08:26

Tour de France is racing against time, and losing  Yahoo SportsView Full Coverage on Google NewsPublié le 09/04/2020 à 11:18

France's coronavirus lockdown offers a preview of restrictions we may see in America  USA TODAYPublié le 02/04/2020 à 11:03

'Coronavirus is not on holiday': France warns citizens against Easter travel  The GuardianPublié le 03/04/2020 à 14:22

France's coronavirus death toll jumps as nursing homes included  ReutersPublié le 03/04/2020 à 02:11

As domestic abuse rises in lockdown, France to fund hotel rooms  Al Jazeera EnglishPublié le 31/03/2020 à 09:28

Coronavirus France: How 160,000 Police Are Cracking Down On Errant Easter Travelers  ForbesPublié le 04/04/2020 à 05:41

French Foreign Legion releases lockdown workout video  The Local FrancePublié le 06/04/2020 à 10:38

Mark Green: Chinese-made medical supplies to France conditional upon adopting Huawei technology  Washington TimesPublié le 06/04/2020 à 18:12

France's football World Cup champions rally behind country's health workers  FRANCE 24 EnglishPublié le 07/04/2020 à 14:29

  1. The Bank of France says the French economy has entered recession
  2. French economy shrinks 6% in Q1 | Coronavirus News | World News  WION
  3. Eurozone's two biggest economies sink into historic recessions  Financial Times
  4. Coronavirus deals French economy worst hit since World War II  FRANCE 24 English
  5. Bank of France sees 6% GDP contraction in Q1  MarketWatch
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Publié le 08/04/2020 à 09:00

France announces $4.3B plan to support startups  TechCrunchPublié le 25/03/2020 à 10:44

Saying Goodbye In France Is Even More Difficult Amid Coronavirus  ForbesPublié le 09/04/2020 à 19:03

France Scraps Budget Again After Economy Sinks, Spending Soars  Yahoo FinancePublié le 09/04/2020 à 16:10

France more than doubles crisis package cost to 100 billion euros  WNWN-FMPublié le 09/04/2020 à 17:00

France Pushes $4.3 Billion Support Package for Startups  BloombergPublié le 25/03/2020 à 14:46

  1. France's carmaker Renault drops dividend over coronavirus crisis - source  Yahoo Finance
  2. Renault drops dividend over coronavirus crisis, report says  Automotive News Europe
  3. France's carmaker Renault drops dividend over coronavirus crisis: source  CNA
  4. Renault drops dividend and cuts executive pay amid crisis  Automotive News Europe
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Publié le 09/04/2020 à 15:47

Special Report: Five days of worship that set a virus time bomb in France  ReutersPublié le 31/03/2020 à 05:38

France faces massive wave of bankruptcies by end April  RFIPublié le 09/04/2020 à 14:48

1.6 million French may be infected with coronavirus: doctors' union  Gulf NewsPublié le 09/04/2020 à 16:33

France was ready to shut border had Britain not toughened coronavirus measures  POLITICOPublié le 22/03/2020 à 17:11

66 migrants rescued in English Channel since French lockdown  Washington PostPublié le 08/04/2020 à 17:31

Paris blessed by the bishop of the French capital  WGNOPublié le 09/04/2020 à 16:33

France working on 'StopCovid' contact-tracing app, ministers say  ReutersPublié le 08/04/2020 à 10:26

French lockdown helped slow coronavirus but too soon to lift it, PM says  StreetInsider.comPublié le 08/04/2020 à 16:49

​UPI France chief Xavier Albert talks complexity of releasing under lockdown  Screen InternationalPublié le 08/04/2020 à 10:15

Iran Releases French Academic in a Prisoner Swap  The New York TimesPublié le 21/03/2020 à 13:15

France more than doubles crisis budget package to 100 billion euros  KDAL NewsPublié le 09/04/2020 à 15:27

EU Locks Down Borders As France, Germany Tighten Restrictions To Control Coronavirus  NPRPublié le 17/03/2020 à 09:38

Coronavirus: France imposes lockdown as EU calls for 30-day travel ban  The GuardianPublié le 17/03/2020 à 10:24

BRIEF-Google France: will comply with latest French FCA regulatory verdict  ReutersPublié le 09/04/2020 à 09:44

Macron warns 'we are at war' as France unveils $50 billion in coronavirus measures  CNBCPublié le 17/03/2020 à 09:36

Notre-Dame Restoration Pauses Amid France's Two-Week Lockdown  Smithsonian.comPublié le 19/03/2020 à 16:49

For France, Coronavirus Tests a Vaunted Health Care System  The New York TimesPublié le 27/03/2020 à 15:48

The unsolved mystery of France's iconic Loire Valley  BBC NewsPublié le 17/03/2020 à 07:00

Photos: COVID-19 sweeps across France | News-photos  Gulf NewsPublié le 02/04/2020 à 19:23

France to close all restaurants, cafes, cinemas and clubs due to coronavirus  CNNPublié le 14/03/2020 à 21:12

A tiny 'country' between France and Switzerland  BBC NewsPublié le 12/03/2020 à 07:00

Shutdowns Spread Across Europe as Spain and France Order Broad Restrictions  The New York TimesPublié le 15/03/2020 à 09:21

French finance minister sees Eurogroup progress  ReutersPublié le 09/04/2020 à 17:37

Disney+ To Reduce Bandwidth By 25 Percent, Delays France Launch Until April 7  DeadlinePublié le 21/03/2020 à 19:07

Removal companies to stop work in France The work of professional removal companies has been banned  The ConnexionPublié le 03/04/2020 à 10:07

'I bought a winery and it caused a US-French row'  BBC NewsPublié le 23/03/2020 à 07:00

French cinema is still refusing to face its racism  Al Jazeera EnglishPublié le 12/03/2020 à 08:41

Tell us: How is France's lockdown affecting you?  The Local FrancePublié le 09/04/2020 à 10:03

'Boulangeries Are Helping Us Make It Through': In France, Bakeries Remain Essential  NPRPublié le 09/04/2020 à 13:50

The Polanski protests have brought France’s #MeToo reckoning a step closer  The GuardianPublié le 08/03/2020 à 11:04

France Fines Apple $1.2 Billion for Antitrust Issues  The New York TimesPublié le 16/03/2020 à 20:45

French researcher posts successful Covid-19 drug trial  The ConnexionPublié le 17/03/2020 à 07:00

Virus fears close down France's famed Louvre Museum  The Associated PressPublié le 01/03/2020 à 22:36

French government to force through pension changes, bypassing parliament  The GuardianPublié le 02/03/2020 à 07:22

EU's 1 trillion euro coronavirus plan most important in its history -France's Le Maire  ReutersView Full Coverage on Google NewsPublié le 09/04/2020 à 20:52

France has seen a 30% to 40% fall in tourists following the coronavirus outbreak: Finance minister  CNBCPublié le 23/02/2020 à 09:09

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